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December 28, 2011

Blue Sky Kitchen Chuck Boxes

Filed under: Camping — Laura Moncur @ 10:00 am

If you are looking for a camp kitchen that is just a simple box (like a boy scout patrol box), Blue Sky Kitchens makes a few that are pretty innovative.

My favorite is the Work Top Box. Here is a video of how it sets up and packs up into one compact area.

They also make a HUGE workspace called the Grubby Two. It’s an amazing 6’2″ long. I love that you can close up the box for keeping out the little critters. Of course, it would be kindling if it encountered a bear.

Their simplest model is the Grubby One. I like this one as well because you can configure it in so many ways.

They also sell plans for all of these boxes, so if you want to build one yourself, you can.

I find this guy to be quite entertaining. They made a calendar for this year and he created a video showing where all the photos from the calendar came from. It’s a great little video to watch when you are stuck in the office or at home and wish you were in the mountains instead.

Of course, I’m a little scared of the “Evening Grease Bomb” from camping tip number 8. I liked the rest of the tips, however.

His calm voice reminds me of RedGreen, but mostly these videos really make me want to go camping.

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