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January 20, 2013

Living in a Garbage Truck? No, It’s A TerraCross

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I saw this video and something about it just seemed wrong.

It was called “Living in a Garbage Truck,” but everything seemed a little off. Thanks, to Snopes for setting things right.

The vehicle pictured above may resemble a garbage truck from the outside, but it is in fact designed as a sort of a cross between a mobile home and an off-road vehicle. It’s a TerraCross “Home on Wheels” manufactured by UNICAT… The particular model displayed here is the EX63-HD/MAN TGA 6X6.

The problem that I had with the photos was that there were windows on the indoor shots, but no windows on the outside. That’s because there is a roof-lifting mechanism that reveals windows. You can see it in this model: EX45-HD / Unimog U 5000

EX45HD Roof Lowered

EX45HD Roof Lifted

It doesn’t appear that they make the EX63-HD/MAN TGA 6X6 anymore, but there are many designs to choose from. UNICAT is a German company, so the prices for the vehicles were listed in Euros. They only had used vehicles listed and they ranged in price from 98,000 Euros (approximately $135,000) to 288,000 Euros (approximately $383,000). And of course, that doesn’t include the cost of getting the TerraCross from Germany to the U.S.

For now, the dubious dream of living in a garbage truck is out of reach for most Americans.

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