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March 27, 2013

The Perks and Liabilities of Frequent Flying

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Famous author, John Green, tired from yet another flight, gave us this amazing monologue about the perks and liabilities of frequent flying.

John has flown more than 200,000 miles, so he has the frequent flier status that so many of us revere.

By far, the most important perk is that when the plague comes that is going to devastate humanity, I will be among its first victims. That stuff never starts with people watching CSI at home, it starts in airports, and I’ve always said that if there is going to be some human-ending apocalyptic event, I wanna be right out in front of it.

He also gets to sit in First Class, but he has a note of caution for the rest of us.

So listen up, infrequent fliers, as you’re walking past the First Class people to your middle seat in the second to the last row of the airplane, I want you to remember something. You may think, ‘Those are the fancy people. Those are the people who’ve got it figured out,’ but, NO! You, in the your seat in the middle of the last row, YOU have it figured out!

He goes on to say that frequent travel wreaks havoc on your personal life.

Travel for pleasure is FAR different than traveling for work. I think a lot of us look at people who travel for work and envy them because we imagine them visiting museums and touring the city, when in reality, they are holed up in a hotel somewhere.

I used to work at an engineering firm and when the engineers would travel to various cities to light up those wondrous substations of electricity, I would include touristy information for them. EVERY time they came back, I would ask what they did and they NEVER visited any of the fun places I researched for them.


Because in the words of my favorite engineer:

I was too tired after working all day and flying there to see any of that stuff.

So, the next time you envy those people in First Class as you walk to the back of the airplane, remember John Green and his tirade about zombie apocalypses and who has their lives figured out.

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