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May 9, 2013

The People I Hate at the Airport

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The incredibly funny Jenna Marbles is complaining about the kind of people who annoy her on airplanes. Be warned it’s laced with profanity…

I literally laughed when she smacked down the loud business cell phone talkers.

Hey, guess what? We’re in a small, enclosed space, so if you could just shut the BLEEP up, that would be fantastic! I mean, I know that you’re so BLEEPING important, and stuff like that. You’ve made that really clear, you know, but no one’s that important, like NOBODY. If Oprah was on this plane right now, she’d be kickin’ it.

I also liked the rant about the laptop loudies.

They have headphones in the front pocket. Put some on and STOP it!

Then, there are the armrest hogs of the world.

Armrest Hogs from Starling Travel

Oh, and line jumpers!

Get off your entitled high horse and get in line like everybody else!

All of this is EXACTLY why I don’t like to fly, but I love how she chilled out afterward.

I feel like half of the world’s disagreements could be solved by hugging a puppy for a little while.

In the end, airline travel feels like an unpleasant congress with strangers. The only reason we put up with it is because it turns a four-day drive into an eight-hour flight. When the four-day drive is in our own car with just us and we can stay every night in our tent trailer that feels like our own home, it’s a hard competition between the rudeness of the fellow fliers and the lazy enjoyment of a four-day drive.

Photo via: Müe, I feel your pain. by InfoMofo on Flickr

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