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June 16, 2013

Fifth Wheel Shatters Back Window

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RV Videos featured this video on YouTube from 2007. They were driving to their RV site in Grover Beach and the back window of the tow vehicle shattered when they turned a corner. The video is pretty impressive.

There is some question about WHY the window shattered. Here is what the owner said:

The fifth wheel trailer was just too far forward when we were turning and it pushed against the cab of the truck. The force of the glass hitting the back of my head stung like hell. As you can see my nephew with his cat-like reflexes hauls ass.

Some of the commenters suggested that a bike in the back of the truck actually broke the window, but that question was answered.

Nope. It was the fifth wheel. It put a nice dent in the back, upper corner of the truck cab. The bike was in the bed of the truck, stationary.

When I talked about the stability of fifth wheel trailers, I never knew that they could have an improperly placed hitch and end up ruining your tow vehicle.

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