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October 2, 2015

The Same Couple and Car After Fifty Years

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I love this photo I found on 9GAG.

The Same Couple and Car After Fifty Years from Starling Travel

They labeled it with the caption:

If you take care of things they will last.

But, they didn’t tell us anything about the couple, who they are or the true story behind them. I tried to do a little more research, but all I can find is people linking to the 9GAG site over and over. Who are they? Where did they come from? Are they still alive today?

I DID find THIS photo, which makes the 9GAG photo look as if they had cut out the camper.

Same couple, car and camper FAKED from Starling Travel

It’s pretty obvious that it’s a photoshop job, though, especially since the Airstream has a shine on it that doesn’t match the lighting in the top photo. This was the first photo that I saw of this couple and it amazed me that they would have BOTH the car and the camper. I would LOVE to hear that story, though.

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